cant believe i’ve lost 5 stone, i was so disgusting


actually thinking about it i dont know if ive ever been sad for a longer time in my life, just want to feel normal again without remembering something and feeling like shit or hearing a song and feeling like shit or driving past yours and feeling like shit

fucking shite mood, bored. every day off i have i spend it sat in my fucking house, unless i go for a smoke. miss having someone in my life where i can just chill with them all day, so fed up

heres a photo of me lool

quite annoying like, lost about 3 and a half stone starting to like what i see in the mirror, got a full time job, cars fixed, have money.. dont have a girlfriend anymore, nobody to enjoy feeling good about myself with. how pointless, was my main motivation to lose weight and get a decent job as well.


hate my life recently, never really see any ofmy friends, split up with maz, shit job lfkvnbsfbirt



I spark one up, Start blazin’
thinking of how amazing she was,
An angel, Gave me love. 

this song tho

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got soo many designs on my laptop i just wanna post them everywhere!!


LONG.LIVE.A$AP.This album is great 
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